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The Jessica Marie Lunsford Foundation has been established to help children in crisis. Our children are our last hope in this world. There is an evil that preys on the innocence of these precious souls and the Jessica Marie Lunsford Foundation is a result of one man's struggle with this evil which has claimed his daughter's life. We cannot get rid of this evil...but we can contain it, so that our children can be free.
If you want the Jessica Lunsford Act passed in your state, use this as a guideline to create a petition.
Get everyone you can involved: local media, business, friends, & family etc.
Call your Senators, Governor and make as much noise as you can.
Set a date for the petition drive to end but give enough time to get the signatures you need.
When your drive is over make an appointment to deliver them to your Governor.
Be prepared to rally at your capitol if needed.
Remember children do not have a vote-- we have to stop the terrorism on our children.
Click on the state you live in on Bill O'Reilly's map above and write your governor for him to get behind this legislation!
The Jessica Lunsford Act
Increase the penalty for lewd and lascivious molestation of a child to life in prison or a split sentence of a mandatoryminimum 25-year prison term, followed by lifetime supervision with electronic monitoring.
Increase, from 20 to 30 years, the period of time before a sexual predator is allowed to petition to have thesexual predator designation removed.
Increase sexual predator/offender registration and reporting requirements.
Sexual predators who murder their victims now qualify for the death penalty in capital cases.
Designate failing to re-register as a sexual offender/predator or harboring or assisting a sexual predator/offender a thirddegree felony.
Require those already convicted of sex crimes to have electronic monitoring for the remainder of their probation.
Require all county misdemeanor probation officials to search the sexual offender registry when a new offender isassigned to them.

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To date, 33 states have enacted some form of Jessica’s Law into law. They include the following:

1. Alabama: Passed the Community Notification Act
2. Alaska: Passed Senate Bills 218 and 303
3. Arkansas: Passed the Child Protection Act
4. Arizona: Passed 13-1423 and 13-604.01
5. California: Passed Proposition 83
6. Connecticut: Passed Senate Bill 1458* (25-year mandatory sentencing, Gov. Rell signed into law 7/31/07)
7. Delaware: Passed Jessica’s Law (House Bill 404)
8. Florida: Passed Jessica’s Law
9. Georgia: Passed House Bill 1059
10. Indiana: Passed Senate Bill 0012 and House Bill 1155
11. Kansas: Passed House Bill 2567
12. Louisiana: Passed Senate Bills 164, 612-2006 (Act 663), 2 (Act 103), House Bill 80 (Act 24), House Bill 561 (Act 36)
13. Maryland: Passed House Bill 2* (2006), amended law by passing House Bill 930, Senate Bill 413 (March 2007, Gov. O’Malley signed into law 5/1707)
14. Michigan: Passed Jessica’s Law, House Bills 5421-22, 5531, and 5532
15. Missouri: Passed Jessica’s Law
16. Montana: Passed Senate Bill 547 (Gov. Schweitzer signed into law 5/11/07)
17. Nebraska: Passed Legislative Bill 1199
18. Nevada: Passed Senate Bill 341 (NRS 179B.250)
19. New Hampshire: Passed House Bill 1692-FN
20. North Carolina: Passed House Bill 1896* (legislation pending for 2008)
21. North Dakota: Passed House Bills 1216 & 1217, Senate Bill 2029 (Gov. Hoever signed into law 4/24/07)
22. Ohio: Passed Senate Bill 260
23. Oklahoma: Passed Senate Bill 631
24. Oregon: Passed House Bill 3511
25. Pennsylvania: Passed Senate Bill 944
26. Rhode Island: Passed the Jessica Lunsford Act
27. South Carolina: Passed Jessica’s Law*
28. Tennessee: Passed Jessica’s Law
29. Texas: Passed Jessica’s Law (House Bill 8)
30. Virginia: Passed House Bill 486
31. Washington: Passed House Bill 3277*
32. West Virginia: Passed The Child Protection Act of 2006
33. Wisconsin: Passed Jessica’s Law (AB 784 and 591)

* Have enacted provisions of Jessica’s Law, but not the law in its entirety.

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Check out Bill O'Reilly's State Status Map for the Jessica Lunsford Act below or go here to view it in a separate window! .

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