Thursday, February 14, 2008

JACK ASKS, "Is Montel encouraging vigilantism against me?"

OH SHOOT, just read the first sentence and totally LOLed
I KNEW Jack was going to have something to say, he did storm off stage on that show! HA HA HA HA HA
Asking people to watch Jack and to report him to the police even if he spits on the sidewalk is not vigilantism, it is being vigilant and a model citizen ; )
Thanks to a new special friend for sending me this message on myspace!

From the annabelleigh boards:

Is Montel encouraging vigilantism against me?
Posted by Jack McClellan on Tuesday, January 29 2008 at 09:57:34pm
I taped my segment of the show on Nov 1, and didn't know that Williams added an appeal at the end of the show, urging "America" to "shut me down" somehow (this was in addition to similar threatening statements he made at the end of my segment). Since I was not in a motel at the time the show aired yesterday, I had to listen to the audio only on a TV-sound radio, so I did not see the pictures he was apparently flashing on the screen during the last couple of minutes of the hour. Surely he knows that the police, prosecutors, district attorneys, and state legislators have not been able to "shut me down" to date (and I doubt they ever will, legally) -- so his appeals to do so struck me as a borderline call for extra-legal action on the part of vigilante-type citizens.

All of this raises the larger question of why so many people want to exterminate us just because of our beliefs. Anyone who bothers to do a quick Internet check knows I've never been convicted or even arrested of any crime against a child, yet I receive regular e-mails and telephone messages from people who threaten to kill or mutilate me (or burn me for eternity in their imaginary hell) just because I have a differing view of pedophilia than theirs, and dare to speak about it via my Web site and media appearances. I thought one of the great things that separates the US from many other countries is that we can debate and disagree on controversial topics without ripping each other to shreds, but there seems to be a significant segment of the population that considers the topic of pedophilia exempt from this courtesy: in their view, there can be no dissenting opinions from the majority's that all sexual contact between adults and children (or with some of these critics, all minors under 18) is harmful -- and anyone who dares to challenge that orthodoxy should be booted off the Internet, hounded out of their jobs and home, and beaten or killed

Jack McClellan

Re: Is Montel encouraging vigilantism against me?
Posted by Jack McClellan on Wednesday, January 30 2008 at 08:04:09pm
In reply to Re: Is Montel encouraging vigilantism against me? posted by cody on Tuesday, January 29 2008 at 11:15:08pm
"Have you spoken with the ACLU.. Or better yet have you thought about suing any of these people for defamement?"

Ha Ha. The ACLU and other "civil liberties" lawyers outfits apparently don't want anything to do with me: they wouldn't fight that blatantly unconstitutional court order I'm under in California (I had to accept help from an attorney who specializes in Social Security disability appeals because he was the only one in the state who offered). Likewise, no one offered to help me fight a similar absurdly overreaching transit system suspension I was under in Portland for 2 months recently (I've been back legally using that system for the last week, and haven't any additional hassles yet).

As for how much danger I'm really in (I just received another e-mail threatening me with castration), it's hard to say. I think most of the people who threaten me are just blowing off steam, and because of the volume of these threats I receive I've decided not to bother reporting them to the FBI or local police (though some of them have come in through Yahoo and Gmail boxes -- which I understand may be more traceable than the companies most of us use like Fastmail and Hushmail). I think living in a big city like Portland makes it difficult for anyone to assasinate me and easily get away with it because there are so many witnesses, surveillance cameras, and cops around (marked and plainclothes). I'm more mindful of my surroundings when I'm in relatively deserted parts of town at off hours, but otherwise I'm not looking over my shoulder much. Short of wearing a bulletproof vest everywhere, there isn't really any way I can protect myself from some nutcase who is intent on killing me and doesn't care if he is imprisoned for the rest of his life or executed for it. Another thing I think that helps make me a more difficult target is that I don't work -- so I'm not tied to any daily or even weekly schedule, and can hole up in an apartment or motel room for days on end.

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