Wednesday, March 5, 2008


From: Petra Luna United Nations . 5*General~The~Real~Me
Date: Mar 5, 2008 3:08 AM

Thank you everyone … with your support Petra has made it to Number one in the Christian charts on KIAC !!!!!



As you all know Petra is a proffesional singer and a GREAT one !!
She now has her own radio station on IAC. If you click the above banner you will get to the station.

The more hits she gets the more her station will move up the station charts.

While you are there listen to her songs on the station as again the more people that play her songs the further up the IAC charts she will go. There are also other artist that are on her station that have songs about abuse.

This is another way to promote the war on abuse .

Please put the above banner on your page so your friends can enjoy her music to. The station will be updated regularly and her newer songs will be added !!

Also if you are an artist with a KIAC page let me know and we can link up on KIAC. I am looking for artists to add to the station that have a song that would spread awareness of abuse or inspire victims. To be added to the station you need to have a KIAC page. Please let me know.

You can now put petras station on your page! If you want the code just stop by my page on myspace and ask, and I am sure any of the generals in Petra's army will be happy to give it to you as well.

Thanks for your support


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