Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Here is a part of a whole screenshot taken on the fake blog before it was changed:

See how that person used to have us and Absolute Zero linked together as affilliates in the alliances section in the fake blog on me:

This is a part of the fake blog on me and Petra Luna (http://petralunasmyspacepolicechief.blogspot.com/) BEFORE it was changed. It had Absolute Zero listed in my alliances, and the link went to this person's fake lying blog on Absolute Zero.

Now that blog on Absolute Zero by the liar is not linked off my page in my alliances. Instead that person has decided to give Absolute Zero their own blogspot. This was immediately after I created this blog spot and called them out on how stupid they were to say we were affiliated with each other. *

And see how that person claims that Absolute Zero and Perverted Justice are affiliated too.
Do your homework and ask Absolute Zero & Perverted Justice. Don't believe this person who has no clue what they are really talking about.

*Like I have said in another blog, I am a supporter of Absolute Zero 100%,
And a subscriber too!

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