Sunday, September 9, 2007


I want to take the time to tell you all about April's Law.


#1 We, the undersigned, as citizens and registered voters do hereby petition for the passage of laws regulating the maintaining, or promoting, or building or hosting or supporting or sponsoring or being connected in any way to any web site that promotes, encourages, panders, or solicits the sexual exploitation of children. These laws shall apply to private, public or commercial enterprises whether they be individual or corporate.
We, feel that the use of these web sites encourages crimes against children of a depraved sexual nature; that the existence of these sites serves no public or community good or use; that the only visitors of the sites are child predators or potential child predators; that the sites entices, incites or inflames the sick passion of child predators; that the sites present a clear and present danger to our children.
We believe that no Internet service provider, Internet hosting service, Web hosts or any other private, public or commercial service that provide data center space and/or connectivity to the Internet or to any local area network, should be able to legally host or provide any type of service to any individual, web site or organization that encourages sex crimes against children. This includes any web site, service or individual that portray children in a sexually suggestive manner, any support system, web sites, blogs, audio or video service or hosting services that verify and encourage pedophiles to continue with their criminal urges against children and any type of pornography that is digitally enhanced, touched up or otherwise altered to make the individuals engaging in sex acts to resemble children in a realistic manner. We demand that these web sites be made ILLEGAL in the USA for the USA and the global community.
We, feel that because of this danger that the maintenance of a child predator web site is a conspiracy to commit a sex crime against a child and is so grievous in nature that it should be classified as a felony.We, therefore petition for the following sanctions against these web sites:
1.) All persons involved in these web sites shall pay a fine of $250,000, have all computer equipment seized and donated to a local school,
2.) All persons involved be required to be a registered sex offender,
3.) All persons involved be restricted from access to the internet,
4.) Be sentenced to 25 years; be required to serve a mandatory 5 year sentence in jail followed by 20 years probation

This law should be called APRIL’S LAW after April Rowbury who was raped and left with a venereal disease at 6 years of age. Her attacker was convicted but only served 12 months. He spent the next 19 years as a habitual user of pedophile web sites until he was again arrested for raping another child. This time his sentence was only 10 years.

Help teach the world about this groundbreaking legislation that will impact local & global communities to make our internet and our streets safe from child predators.

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